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Entrepreneurial Spirit – Turn your Hobby into a Lucrative Career


As the saying goes; “If you choose a job you love you will never have to work another day in your life”. Clichés are known for resonating truth and though we’re not naïve enough to believe that working in a job you love is complete bliss, it certainly helps. Passion for the industry you work in makes getting up in the morning that little bit easier, and working late that little bit more tolerable.

1Did you know that only 32% of workers feel engaged in their work? If you have a skill that friends and family are queuing up to purchase from you it could mean you have the secret ingredient to building a profitable business that engages you every day. However, before you quit your current job it’s vital you proceed with caution. Investing in your hobby and turning it into a career could be the perfect opportunity for you to live the cliché. However, before you jump in there are some important questions to consider.

Will Investing in my Hobby suck the fun out of it?

With careers come deadlines. For some this is a great incentive to work harder and faster, though for others the pleasure is stripped from the task as the pressure of meeting deadlines envelopes them.

2Can you handle the Pressure?

Currently you will be enjoying your hobby as just that, a pleasurable activity you undertake in your spare time. Turning it into a business could mean you will get to do the thing you love full time. However, with this comes pressure to succeed. You must consider whether the payoff is worth the need for success. Failing to succeed may mean bills go unpaid and finances are swept into disarray.

Can you commit to this Career?

If you simply undertake this hobby when it takes your fancy it might not have enough of a grasp on you to turn into a flourishing career. If you feel you might be distracted by another task, craft or idea it’s best you stick to your day job and keep your hobby as a pleasurable leisure activity.

Do you have Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Only undertake the challenge of changing your hobby to a career if you have the right attitude. Beginning a new career is hard work, if you don’t have these skills innately, you may not be on the verge of a successful business.

  • Invest wisely with money
  • Be a meticulous planner
  • Be able to self-promote without shame

Can you Self Promote?

You may have a great product, but if you don’t have the attitude to promote it then it’s not going to sell. Entrepreneurs have no room for modesty and it’s important to always have your “selling hat” on, even if you think the conversation isn’t directly linked to someone buying your product.  Sales is something you can learn, but your business will take off slower if you don’t come equipped with the skill.

Do you have a Niche?

Your business plan must be viable and offer customers something others cannot. The competition is fierce so simply selling a product will not be enough. Finding a gap in the market and filling it is a great way to bring about demand for your product.  Without demand there will be little chance of income.

3Start Up Success Stories

One company that found a gap in the market is MS Mugs, a family run business in Scotland. The brand does not just create ceramics to sell, but their passion for the industry has led to them carving a niche market in the ceramic screen-printing world.

McLaggan Smith Mugs have gained success thanks to their passion for the ceramic industry driving the business forward. Director, Polly Smith stocks designs by UK artists which are all screen printed and fired in her local workshop just off the shores of Loch Lomond. This doesn’t just appeal to design-lovers but also appeals greatly to today’s consumer trend of purchasing locally sourced goods.

MS Mugs also create personalised mugs.Thebrand saw a gap in the market for fine bone china mugs that can have bespoke lettering added to any product. It’s innovative ideas like these which allow businesses to grow from hobby to hard to cash. These three unique selling points are what drive the business to succeed.

Create a Business from your Hobby

It is no easy decision to turn your hobby into a career, however if you have the tenacity and drive to succeed you will be in a great position to begin. There are no short cuts; the move will take dedication, time and research. However, by determining what consumers want and remaining passionate about your chosen industry will stand you in good stead for success.

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