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Financial Trade on your finger tips MAGAZINE

MAGAZINE: Financial Trade on your finger tips

Since being founded in the living room of its CEO Greg Secker 14 years ago, Learn to Trade has gone on to teach over 250,000 people how to trade on the Forex market.

Greg Secker

Greg Secker

A millionaire by his twenties, Secker has gone on to create and run one of the world’s most successful companies that set out a path for the everyday-man to be able to achieve financial freedom. “I used to trade the European section from 5:30am until about 11:30am and then I was done for the day,” he recalls. “In the afternoons, I began to teach my friends to trade – one day there were 19 people in my living room, all with laptops, smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee while they were trading currencies.” Learn to Trade now has established offices in London, Sydney, Johannesburg and Manilla teaching people how to build their wealth either through earning a second income by trading, or learning how to be a trader full time, with various programmes and workshops.

Learn to Trade has an international team of over 150 people and is driven by one common goal: to help as many people as possible achieve Financial Freedom through trading.  Their company is rooted in a belief that wealth should be accessible to everyone and so their passion for education is what motivates them. They seek to teach their clients the tools of the trade so that each person leaves fully equipped to stand on their own two feet.

The company’s passion has seen its coaching institute achieve meteoric success, including being highlighted as a Brand of Excellence Program Winner for Best Forex Education Provider in the Finance Digest Awards 2017.  Their programmes offer nothing but the best trader coaches and up to date technology and information to help you be a trader – efficiently and successfully.

Learn to Trade’s programme guides its students through the complexities of the foreign exchange market and teaches them clear end-of-day and intraday strategies with tight risk management, enabling them to generate consistent profits from trading the forex markets.  The course comprises a two-day immersion course and subsequent day of live trading with the company’s trader coaches held on their Live Trading Floor.

Learn to Trade believes in equipping clients in as many ways possible to succeed in the world of trading, by providing practical and informative programmes, support and guidance from successful and experienced traders. With access to its state of the art Trading Floor clients can be a part of an intimate yet dynamic environment where a personalised trading experience can be enjoyed and embraced.

Hear from one of their graduates:

“There’s an honesty and truth with Learn to Trade that you can’t get elsewhere. The level of contact with your peers and coaching I would never have gotten from anywhere other than Learn to Trade.”  Tom Colley, 2015

What makes Learn to Trade unique is its ability to combine classroom teaching of the fundamentals behind trading strategies, with the opportunity to engage in live trades with experienced trader coaches, giving clients the confidence to pay attention to the signals and know what to do.

For people who don’t want to spend too much time in front of a screen, there is training on how to set up and run auto-trading programmes as well as a hedge fund facility for those who prefer someone else to manage the trading for them.

Learn to Trade’s rise to such meteoric success is a testament to the hard work and expertise of its traders and employees. This is also reflected in the hundreds of thousands of clients who have joined the company to bask in this glory and find the benefits of trading Forex. As Secker so poignantly put it, the desire of so many to enter into the world of trading comes  “Quite simply [from the fact that] people have been forced to re-think their financial future… and forced to acknowledge that job security is a thing of the past.  People are looking for other ways to take control of their financial future, not to surrender it, and in the long run it will pay off.”

The future for currency trading is really very bright.

Learn to Trade continue to expand into new regions across Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia.

“Original publication in Finance Digest Issue 1

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