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ICAEW Supporting Fintech Fortnight 2017

ICAEW Supporting Fintech Fortnight 2017
  • ICAEW in partnership with UK’s first Fintech Fortnight
  • Encouraging Businesses to take advantage of this growing sector
  • Accountancy at the forefront of Fintech

ICAEW are delighted to be supporting Fintech Fortnight 2017. This celebration of all things fintech will be taking place from 6th – 19th February, with ICAEW and others, raising awareness of this transformational sector.

Fintech Fortnight will be considering the future of fintech and its effects on UK businesses.

ICAEW believe the accountancy sector should be at the forefront of helping companies embrace the opportunities fintech brings.

Many are not taking advantage of these open opportunities and ICAEW are raising awareness of how chartered accountants can play a central role in educating companies on the benefits of fintech, as well as the optimum time to invest.

Fintech has the potential to fundamentally change the way we do business. It can help companies streamline what they are currently doing and drive greater efficiencies, enabling greater customer reach, while delivering a wealth of insights.

Philippa Kelly, ICAEW Financial Services Assurance Manager, explains, “It feels like everyone is talking about fintech, but knowing how it could benefit you and your business, and the potential risks involved, takes time to understand.”

Given the rapid development occurring in this sector, businesses should consider the ICAEW as a tool of knowledge, demonstrating how to reap the prospects fintech has to offer.

Kelly continues, “ICAEW wants businesses to feel confident in adopting new technology to unlock insight about their activities and make day to day life more efficient.”

Fintech is undoubtedly the future for businesses. It is enormously advantageous and growing exponentially. Fintech Fortnight is here to raise awareness and discuss this ever-changing sector.

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