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JET TEAM appoints Frontierpay to streamline global payments network

JET TEAM, a provider of aircraft charter and trip support services, has appointed foreign exchange and international payments firm, Frontierpay, to assist with revenue repatriation and to manage the payment of international supplier and management expenses.

Jon Braid, Managing Director, JET TEAM

Jon Braid, Managing Director, JET TEAM

JET TEAM serves high-net-worth business jet users from around the world, and their flight crews, managing bespoke flight arrangements such as route planning, overflight permissions, VIP ground handling and fuel coordination. All require the payment of numerous third-parties in over 20 countries, including China, Singapore, Russia and Malaysia, and traditionally, JET TEAM has paid in USD. However, with Frontierpay’s help, the company has recently started making payments in each of the recipients’ respective local currencies.

Jon Braid, Managing Director of JET TEAM, commented: “We were using a high street bank to make our foreign currency payments, often suffering a poor exchange rate, high transaction fee and an unfriendly interface, with lackluster support when it was needed. Our primary reason for choosing Frontierpay was to reduce costs, but we’ve also enjoyed using a much more intuitive web interface with which to trade, and if we’ve needed to query anything, we can quickly speak to an actual person.

“We now spend far less time and money on trading, and can use Frontierpay’s platform to easily make a payment in many different currencies, eliminating a great deal of risk in the exchange. As a business providing a global service, this added speed and security is invaluable.”

As well as cross-currency payments, Frontierpay also manages same-currency payments for JET TEAM.

Owain Walters, CEO of Frontierpay, commented: “We pride ourselves on our offering of a platform that allows clients to make both same-currency and cross-currency payments. Many of our competitors would offer just one service or the other, forcing customers to manage their payments via multiple providers. We understand that customers see our service as a way of simplifying the process of managing their outgoing payments, and that’s exactly what we intend to provide.”

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