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VHS tapes selling for 46,000% higher than original price

VHS tapes selling for 46,000% higher than original price

VHS tapes, McDonald’s Happy Meal toys and Lego sets are just a few of the often forgotten items that could be a gold mine, according to new research by London based self storage providers Space Station.

The research looked at how our retro tech, games and pop culture memorabilia have increased in value and the hundreds – or thousands – of pounds that could potentially be lying around at home.

Tamagotchis, originally priced around £12, can now fetch up to £300 – a price hike of 2,400% and a strong investment by anyone’s standards. Some of the other highest grossing retro items include the VHS tape ‘Tales from the Quadead Zone’ and Lego’s Ultimate Millennium Falcon set.

Item Original Price Most Valuable Percentage Increase
VHS tape Tales from the Quadead Zone £20 approx £9,200 46,000%
Transformer G1 series action figure £7.99 £9,000 45,900%
Ultimate collector’s Millennium Falcon Lego set £342 £2,712 693%

In 2009, one entrepreneurial 11 year old sold his extensive collection of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, the McMemorabilia, which included the complete set of 101 Dalmatians toys, for more than £8,000[1].

Vlatka Lake, Marketing Manager at Space Station, said: “It’s amazing how much money can be made from what we deem to be ‘everyday’ items. We often get people storing items that are no longer needed and take up space in the home, but could be a long-term investment that will be worth more in years to come.

“This trend is becoming ever more popular with the likes of Storage Hunters being broadcast on TV. There are so many hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered all across the UK, it’s just a matter of keeping the eyes and the mind open.”

Here are Space Station’s top five tips for spotting and keeping a future money maker:

  1. Keep the original packaging; items in their original packaging can be much more desirable.
  2. Retro gaming is becoming increasingly popular over the world. Rare or limited edition consoles generate a great deal of interest via auction sites such as eBay.
  3. Collectors’ items, such as vinyl records, require suitable storage conditions. Water or heat can cause them to warp making them un-playable.
  4. Keep an eye out for popular trends and limited edition pieces. The likes of rare Pokémon cards have been known to sell for thousands.
  5. Managed to get your hands on a previously celebrity-owned item, or a piece of movie memorabilia? Items such as these can carry a hefty price tag.

London based self storage providers Space Station1

London based self storage providers Space Station






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