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Improve your business while saving the planet and your back with EasyCat

Improve your business while saving the planet and your back with EasyCat

The EasyCat journey began when founder, serial entrepreneur and interactive communication specialist Fadi Sabbagha was leaving an exhibition in Paris with what felt like a pallet load of brochures, trying to figure out how best to summarise with his team back in the office the connections and leads he had just made.

He knew he wasn’t the first businessman facing this dilemma: accumulating what seemed like several tons of assorted catalogues, brochures and leaflets, the majority of which are binned on exiting a show or on returning home, leaving you with box full of recycling and a guilty conscience about the number of a trees that had been destroyed.

The solution was to digitise content to make it easily and reliably shareable on any platform.  The catalog sharing network, EasyCat was born, a simple and effective solution to make business more productive.

Sabbagha says, “it’s amazing how, in our digital age, most businesses are still so reliant on paper. With the amount of information we are bombarded with every day, the most effective way to reach your target audience is to go digital, but while most businesses recognise the need to do this, many don’t know how to digitise their content in a way that makes it easily and reliably shareable on any platform.”

Businesses that spend large budgets designing, printing and posting catalogues that quickly become out-dated will be among the first to benefit from the EasyCat platform. Exhibitions are a brilliant medium for EasyCat which provides the best of both worlds – browsing a catalogue at the show, scanning its QR code, and saving it to review digitally back in the office.

“EasyCat’s intuitive interface massively increases the reach of a traditional printed catalog because it allows users to create or upload their catalogs in a few clicks and easily share them with specific people. Plus you can track the reach of your catalog, actually seeing how many customers engage with it as opposed to how many were given away or shipped out, providing much more reliable metrics for ROI and reach,“ continues Sabbagha.

Of EasyCat as a business Sabbagha says, “we have designed EasyCat to be easy, simple, global and scalable. With EasyCat, businesses make their catalogs public and allow potential end users from around the world to browse, search and filter. By accessing engagement analytics,leads can be followed up in the most effective way possible. This works at exhibitions because what is good for exhibiting companies and visitors is good for business, and what is good for business is good for trade show and exhibition organisers”.

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