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Tips: How to save thousands on your group holiday

Tips: How to save thousands on your group holiday

If there’s one thing better than the thought of going on holiday, it’s going on holiday with friends.

What could be better than a well-earned rest, soaking up some incredible views and eating delicious food all in the company of your nearest and dearest?

The concept is nothing short of perfect, except for one thing – the cost. Unfortunately, it’s usually the case that the more people that travel, the pricier the holiday is.

Follow these top 5 tips from Matt Fox, CEO at the last minute holiday rental provider, Snaptrip, and you could save thousands on your next group trip.

  1. Stay in a self-catered cottage
    “The UK has thousands of cottages that sleep 12 or more people. Forget hotels or youth hostels which sell rooms or beds individually, self-catered cottages are only sold as one unit. This gives large groups looking for a holiday a huge advantage. “
  2. Travel out of season
    “For large groups especially, booking your trip outside of the school holidays can save you hundreds, if not thousands. You’ll also find that there’s a wider variety of accommodation to choose from, and you’ll get much more for your money. Travelling off-peak could be the difference between getting a hot tub or not!”
  3. Be prepared to wait
    “Booking a trip last minute to save money can be a nervy waiting game, but it’s worth the wait. If you and your friends are flexible on where you are willing to go, then last minute deals are the way forward.”
  4. Don’t be afraid to make a (reasonable) offer
    “For us Brits, negotiating doesn’t exactly come as second nature. But, when it comes to renting a group cottage, owners are often prepared to accept a discount price to make a sale that isn’t displayed online.
    “Those who make reasonable offers will still allow owners to make a profit on a booking, and they’ll be pleasantly surprised. After all, the worst the owner can say is no!”
  5. Travel together
    “Actually travelling together in groups rather than individually or in separate couples is a really cost effective (and environmentally friendly) way to travel, plus who doesn’t love a group road trip? Two Together rail cards are also a great option for train travel, often you will make up the cost of the card with just one or two trips.”

If you are a large group craving a staycation, head over to now and find out just how much money you can save.

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