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Looking for the secret to fixing your relationship? Book a foodie holiday!

Looking for the secret to fixing your relationship? Book a foodie holiday!
  • 79% of couples are happier after a holiday together
  • Most successful type of break for improving a relationship is a foodie holiday
  • Most popular holiday destination for trying to improve a relationship is Spain

Couples looking to bring back the good times in their relationship should book a foodie holiday, new research reveals.

Holiday comparison website surveyed the nation to find out if there is any evidence to suggest holidays actually improve our love lives.

It seems whether you’re trying to salvage a long term relationship or have come to the end of your honeymoon period, taking a break away together may be the way forward.

Almost eight in ten (79%) couples who had intentionally booked a break in order to improve their relationship admitted that they were happier together after their holiday.

However, the real key to success lies in the type of holiday you take. Although beach (43%) and city breaks (28%) were the most common choices for those hoping to rescue the romance, the research shows the way to a happy heart is through the stomach!

Foodie holidays proved to the best for rekindling the romance, with a huge 96% success rate.

The most successful types of holiday for improving a relationship are:

  1. Foodie (96% success rate)
  2. Activity (93% success rate)
  3. Cruise (90% success rate)
  4. Spa Break (86% success rate)
  5. Guided Tour (82% success rate)
  6. Beach (75% success rate)
  7. City Break (71% success rate)

While also proving to be the most successful, foodie breaks were most popular with those in the North East (23%), while people in the South West (11%) looked to activity breaks to bring happiness back to their relationship.

Couples in London (86%) and the South East (82%) were the happiest overall after their holidays and men were more likely to be happy in their relationship after the holiday (82% compared to 75% of women).

Suzanne Parkus, relationship expert and dating coach at, said: “One might think that a city break, where coordination is needed, will force communication to happen. It will, but more likely than not it won’t be conducted like teamwork. Similarly, a beach holiday is nothing more than laying in silence. You could create some chemistry and romance while asking the other person to rub suntan lotion onto your back, but that’s about it.

“One of the best ways to create and maintain chemistry is through joint experiences. People naturally bond over food, whether preparing it together, sharing it together or talking about it. Food can really make you feel good even when you’re not feeling all that great in yourself.”

Spain topped the list of the most popular destination Brits are choosing for their relationship saving holidays, closely followed by UK destinations, France, Italy, Greece and the Caribbean.

Emma Hart, Content Outreach Coordinator at said: “Holidays allow us to escape our everyday life and truly enjoy each others’ company, so it’s no surprise that such a large proportion of couples admit to being happier in their relationship after returning from their holiday.

“Taking a much needed break together can help couples who are struggling build on the romance and reignite their passion for one another, leading the way to a happier relationship in the long run.”

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