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ULedger Announces New Premium Service, First Enterprise-LevelBlockchain Solution Network

ULedger’s independent nodes create cutting-edge blockchain solution applicable to legacy systems

ULedger, Inc., a leading blockchain technology company focused on bringing truth and transparency to data, has announced today a new premium service that will allow organizations to efficiently and securely verify the integrity of data by seamlessly making existing infrastructures blockchain-enabled. ULedger’s new service acts as an overlay to an technology infrastructure and will be the first step in establishing a blockchain-enabled network available to everyone. Unlike other blockchain approaches, ULedger makes it possible to prove the relative order of events and does not require nodes to share transaction data.

Josh McIver, CEO of ULedger said: Blockchain will play an increasingly significant role in establishing the truth of data and transactions, and will bring beneficial disruption and new efficiencies to every stakeholder in the ecosystem. ULedger is leading the way with the next stage of industrial blockchain that will allow enterprises to blockchain-enable their existing infrastructure.”

ULedger’sblockchain solution enables entities to create a permanent, multi-party record of any type of data and maintain an immutable audit trail for easy access back to the original data. ULedger can authoritatively certify future use of data in regulatory reporting, auditing and legal challenges which is deemed accurate and trusted by correcting data at the source. The structure of ULedger’s computing network is crucial for the vast majority of real world use cases such as IoT, edge computing, relativistic computing, distributed computing in semi-trustless contexts, and data feed oracles for shared ledgers and public blockchains.

McIver added:ULedger, unlike any other blockchain approach, makes it possible to prove, in an independently verifiable manner and without the need for prior consensus, the relative order of events. ULedger does not require the sharing of any data between nodes that are participating in any transactions. This is crucial for the vast majority of real world use cases.  Information and records stored on blockchain data structures is becoming the standard by which all information will eventually be stored, eliminating the inefficiencies, lack of integrity, trust and the single point of failure of traditional database structures.  Moreover, data has become one of every enterprises’ most valuable assets, and by virtue of that, data integrity delivered by blockchain has become the means to ensure the integrity of data.”

The ULedger network can validate data without requiring access by leveraging a one-way computing system.  Unlike traditional Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solutions, companies can integrate ULedger without system disruption or an IT overhaul. ULedger’s revolutionary approach to blockchain integration with legacy systems is made possible using traditional web APIs with ULedgerSaaS that simplifies and secures the process. ULedger’s solution will allow something as simple as an email to become a legally binding contract, if that is the intent, with ULedger as the digital witness.

To support the development and functionality of this service, ULedger will be hosting an upcoming Token Generation Event (TGE) for an ERC-20 utility token, ULD. ULD tokens, which are not needed to access the ULedger network, will grant access to the premium service, which offers high volume, speed and node latency. ULedger’s public TGE, which will commence in the mid-2018, will make available 600 million tokens out of the 2 billion total supply. The proceeds of the public TGE will be used to fund further development of the ULedger Network and company operations. Stressing the importance of cybersecurity, ULedger will perform code reviews, implement bug bounties, and will use state of the art multi-signature hardware wallets to manage funds that are received.

In advance of the Token Generation Event, ULedger is conducting a token pre-sale via a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT).  Terms of the SAFT, including the pre-sale discount and additional information relating to the offering is available on ULedger’s web-site.

Serving on ULedger’s Board of Advisors are former President of Kaspersky Labs Stephen Orenberg and renowned blockchain expert William Mougayar. In addition, ULedger has teamed up with a Big 4 accounting firm to address business cyber security issues.

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