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Banks Deploy AI – 3 Major Technological Advances            

Banks Deploy AI - 3 Major Technological Advances            

Major banks and private financial institutions have for years been at the forefront of software and technology development. Although we can’t always see the process, banks have been making use of artificial intelligence (AI) to assist with customer services and above all, risk management. With millions of daily transactions and payments all over the world; locating fraudulent activities and suspicious transactions have been left to artificial intelligence, ignoring human intervention.

Banks Deploy AI - 3 Major Technological Advances             44

With the boom of AI in all major industries such as healthcare, retail, eCommerce, marketing, and education – banks are now leading the pack, allowing AI to deal with mundane and basic tasks, while at the same time assessing positive ROI and revenue generation through new products and processes. Technology has enabled banks to be more streamlined in their services, while at the same time increasing security and risk management across the board.

Changing pace isn’t an option, as banking giants are constantly looking to generate new innovative tech and software to lighten the burden for customers and in-house personnel.

Anti-money laundering and fraud

Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role in the safeguarding of private and personal information, risk management, money laundering, and fraud. In some instances, false flagging of genuine transactions that may seem suspicious has led to costly and extensive reversal processes. With the use of AI, banks will be able to implement and use better technology to read transactions, bank accounts, and data on physical transactions.

With the help of AI, banks will be able to address an issue that they’ve been dealing with for years. Avoiding costly errors for themselves, and the client; but at the same time ‘teaching’ AI how to assess and analyze transactions for money laundering and fraud.

AI is king when it comes to analyzing customer habits and behavior. With more and more remote transactions and international payments, these areas might become a breeding ground for fraud. Instead of assessing the false flags, AI will now be able to read customer behavior, using second and third-party data available. This will help make verification stronger and improve biometric technology.

Building the Natural Language Processing (NLP) of Banks

It’s nothing new for banks to make use of chatbots and automatic responses to assist with customer queries. AI has helped banks to adjust and create new models of customer satisfaction, and build a natural language processing for AI to be used. NLP is the basic language or understanding that AI has when used in a certain industry. In the world of baking, it’s important to make customers feel that their issues are directly being addressed.

The creation of the hyper-personalization pattern of AI means that customers are revered and engaging as an individual rather than a group of collective. This means that banks are investing more time and effort into creating a hyper-personalized AI system, allowing customers to feel as if they’re engaging with a human.

It might seem strange now, but we’ve already seen massive banking groups such as Bank of America and Capital One make use of Chatbots, and AI to help customers navigate through the website. Using these types of models to increase business, and generate more revenue; banks are simply putting the customer in the hands of AI.

Predictive banking strategies

With AI banks will have more power to predict future trends and outcomes thereof. Moreover, this will enable banks to make better strategic decisions on how to assess risk management, reduce costs, and allow for more accurate processing of data and customer information. Above all, the use of AI for prediction will also create an opportunity to understand fraud and money laundering a lot better. Analyzing customer trends, and monitoring suspicious behavior are all assets to help detect humongous volumes of data.

Doing it right for your startup:

Even for entrepreneurs looking for the best LLC formation services and financial credit providers, banks will be able to help predict the outcomes of business success and create a trend on which business owners can follow.

Using AI means that banks can adapt to an ever-changing environment and economy. Putting customers in the care of AI has proven successful till now, but additionally, it allows banks to lead, and transform modern finance on a global scale.


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